RC-S1: SILVER (銀 - シルバ - Shiruba)

TYPE: RCLoid (UTAULoid) - RimoConLoid
MODEL: RC-S1 - (RC means RimoConLoid, shown by her shuffle button tattooed on her back. S1 is for S1LVER (pun), imprinted on her neck.)

GENDER: Female
AGE: 14
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: ± 48 kg/147 cm
PERSONALITY: Silver is a bratty rich girl who at times can be a tsundere or yandere. She is spoiled and likes to have fits of tantrum, very pouty and hard to handle at times. mischievous, at all possible times like to ask for treats. Likes gore to an extent, her thick books are usually horror or romance genre-ed.
VB: ACT 2.1 ReACT β (mac) ReACT β (windows)

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If you have any complaints about her, feel free to tell me!

RC-A0: Ao Shigure (青しぐれ Ao Shigure)

TYPE: RCLoid (UTAULoid) - RimoConLoid
MODEL: RC-A0 - (RC means RimoConLoid, shown by his tv/video button tattooed on his palm. A0 is similar with his first name (pun), imprinted on his neck)
AGE: 13
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: ± 48 kg/150 cm
PERSONALITY: A quiet and flat person. Has a hard time expressing his feelings and doesn't care. Really likes pop corn.

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If you have any complaints about him, feel free to tell me!

SINAR (シナー - Shinā)

MODEL: SINAR - (His "stage name", tatooed at the back of his neck)
AGE: 15
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: ± 52 kg/160 cm
PERSONALITY: SINAR is a mischievous and curious boy. He thinks very high of himself and is self-centered, most of the time ignoring others and their wants/needs. Likes to think of himself as pretty as well as handsome, thereby sometimes crossdresses. The kind of guy who you can dislike after 10 seconds of talking to him.

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If you have any complaints about him, feel free to tell me!

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